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More on the Bias of the BBC

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I wrote recently, not expecting any landslide of rubbled response, but in order to add my observations to the many in the bloggesphere at the disgraceful manner in which the BBC deliberately sides with leftist agendas, in almost all the serious reporting that it outputs. My earlier post titled: “Pictures Representing Mood” set out the blatant abuse by the BBC of its charter obligations in respect of its reporting and commenting on all matters associated with the Earth’s climate, and in particular the shoddy treatment of a lone blogger, Tony Newbury, who had attempted to obtain information about a meeting held by the BBC to set future policy on its climate reporting. After much time, over 5 years, and a great deal of taxpayers money, the outrageous “Auntie”, aided by some heavyweight lawyers, avoided the freedom of information request to reveal the attendees of the aforesaid meeting. A pyrrhic victory indeed as soon after the judge had found in favour of the monster broadcaster an intrepid blogger called Maurizio Morobito or omnologos to use his handle revealed that the agenda had been posted years before by a partner in the meeting, the ITB, thanks to the Way Back Web Archive.

Pictures Representing Mood

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Here is a very dark view of the tunnel on Parlington Lane, built between circa 1812-14. This artistic view at the east end, represents my dark mood when I heard of yet more scandal at the BBC. [Click on the picture for a larger version]