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Monday, February 4th, 2013

Huhne Ex-Minister... Horray!Image file courtesy of Wikipedia

I wrote about the ‘orrible hewn last year following his adamant rejection of his alleged crime, well he’s finally done the right thing! What does it take with these people, are they so arrogant that they plough on regardless, believing themselves bullet proof, until the last moment before the Judge in court. Any self respecting and honest person would have cried, “game up” once his little wheeze had been uncovered. Also whereas to most losing your driving license is a very daunting prospect, his role as an MP would have seen him happily ferried about without a care in the world… we would not have seen him on a bus, oh my, not a bus, not public transport!

You couldn’t make it Up!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

The almost bare provisions cupboard in the kitchen and half empty shelves in the fridge, drove me on an involuntary trip to the local supermarket in Garforth, Tesco. Whilst at the checkout I recalled a recent item on the news about a shopper and her daughter being refused the purchase of a bottle of wine because the daughter, although she was not the purchaser, was unable to provide evidence of her age. [i.e. over 18]. This incident occurred at a branch of Morrisons, so I asked the checkout lady at Tesco what would be the outcome were I in the same position. She concurred that the advice on such situations was complex, but they would take the same approach. Had I been with my youngest daughter, who is 24 and has from time to time been asked to verify her age, even quite recently; I also would have fallen foul of this directive! Hmm!