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Friday, February 1st, 2013


Before I had chance to see the close details of the route of the proposed High Speed Two railway, having only a layout superimposed over an ordnance map I penned the following to my readers on the Parlington History site.

Fresh from the announcement by our ludicrous Government about the way they intend to waste a further £30+ Billion (£30,000,000,000) of our hard earned money, albeit over the next many years; so we can safely assume the figure will be considerably larger, on the High Speed Railway to Leeds and Church Fenton in Yorkshire. I thought it worth while looking at the route in this “neck of the woods.” To my surprise it appears to follow the line of the M1 extension south of Junction 46 heading north and then turning to the east passing by Junction 47 then south of Lotherton Hall and across to Church Fenton.

No, I’m not Going to Vote!

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Today I have been debating with my alter ego, Subject: Should I exercise my democratic duty and vote in the “Police and Crime Commissioner” election. Well no!

Simply put North Yorkshire is a considerable area, one of the largest geographical constituencies in the country, but our options regarding the candidates for the aforesaid commissioner, are two middle aged ladies, each affiliated to the party machines, Conservative and Labour. No other candidates have come through, I know not why, shame really I would have liked to see some independents like some of the other areas. Therefore I cannot bring myself to vote, the choice is too short by any measure.