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Boxing Day Hunt

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012


Given the mild weather over Christmas it was a good fine occasion for the Boxing Day Hunt at Parlington, the above shot was taken as the riders were passing along Parlington Lane, to the west of the Dark Arch. There were no incidents, in fact a farmer friend of mine could not recall the hunt ever having made a kill, I do recall a few years ago a fleet footed specimen tearing across the old deer park near to a small clump of chestnut trees.

Remembrance Day

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

On Remembrance Day, it is fitting to recall here the loss of one of the Parlington Estate workers in March 1918. The details were uncovered during my Parlington Research by a fellow historian. His loss acts as a reminder of the many, so many, lost in battles, none more futile than those scythed away in the First World War. Always termed the Great War until it was deposed by the events of 1939-1945.

The Bon Restaurant

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

The Bon Restaurant, Sherburn in Elmet

Some of the best restaurants are tucked away in the most inauspicious places, one such in the Yorkshire area easily commutable from Leeds or York, is “The Bon” restaurant in Sherburn in Elmet. On the main street it is easily found, but you are best advised to make a booking as it is generally well attended.

The Address is:
19 Low street,
Sherburn in Elmet,
LS25 6BG

t: 01977 682146
email enquiry to the restaurant.
The Bon Website.