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Comments on Parlington

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Over the last nine years I have regularly received comments from the form on the Parlington History site, virtually all have been beneficial in a number of ways.

  • Offering useful family history that ties in to the data I have uncovered.
  • Providing new images of the old hall.
  • Clarifying some of my assumptions.
  • Connecting people who were related by their ancestors employment.

The list could be much longer, but I’m sure you get my drift. But then a couple of weeks back I received a message via the site which seemed to be genuine enough, below is a transcript of the message.

House Rejuvenation, a Small Tidbit

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

My ability to add articles here and more importantly to continue to set out the history of Parlington Hall on my main Parlington site has taken something of a back seat over the last few months as I have been seriously modifying rooms, and rejuvenating the rather tired look of the property we bought last year. So if you have visited and found nothing new, my apologies… always assuming my musings here and my history research on the other are worth spending some time on!

Royal Wedding Celebrations, Aberford

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

The villagers of Aberford enjoyed an afternoon in the sun to celebrate the Royal Wedding, the event was organised by the school PTA along with the local pub, the Arabian horse. Pictures are on my Parlington history site here.

New Design

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

I have reverted back to the earlier design style, as a number of vistors said they preferred it, also I found some deficiencies with it so I was easily persuaded to press the delete button!

This new design is to reflect the changes that have occurred recently, not living at Parlington any more, I felt it necessary to keep adding new information as I came by it but also to enlarge the scope of the site. So local is kind of flexible… depends on your point of view, I may add things generally from around the area that I think may be of interest.

MGB GT 1976 Black, Yet More Downsizing

Monday, June 7th, 2010

MGB GT 1976

The old MG has to go, I have spent a fortune on the thing since 1986 when I bought it, I had a complete body rebuild done in 1989, at a cost of over £5,000, and after using it for years as a play car, I started to use it daily after returning from the Far East in 1993.

MGB at Parlington

MGB GT at Parlington

Save MySQL

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Save MySQL Open source database

Although this may seem a little off topic, the proposed acquisition of Sun Systems by Oracle, will bring MySQL under the control of the world’s largest provider of closed source databases. MySQL is probably the leading open source database system on the market and is used by many sites around the world. For example this blog which is WordPress based uses MySQL as do all WordPress blogs, regardless of who hosts the site. Similarly my Parlington history site uses MySQL for certain aspects of its functioning. If MySQL is absorbed by Oracle and becomes a propriety format, the world will change, many, many blogs will be affected and the whole culture of the Internet will be damaged.

A Picture of the Marble Arch, London

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Marble Arch, the site of Tyburn

Marble Arch, London

During a weekend trip to London, for me it was important to make a visit to Marble Arch, one of many, to view again this edifice built in 1828 to a design by John Nash to form an entrance to Buckingham Palace. It was moved in 1851 to its present location, nearby the location of the then removed Tyburn Gallows.

The stone, Portland Limestone, is clearly much more durable and impressive than the stone used on the Triumphal Arch at Parlington. But it is significant that this arch which was like Parlington, modelled on the Constantine Arch adjacent to the Coliseum or Colosseum in Rome. One advantage that the arch in Parlington has, is the opportunity to photograph it without any people!

Internet Links

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I am regularly asked by friends, “email that link won’t you”, so here is a list of bookmarks I use from time to time on subjects of interest, some of these you may find interesting, but more than the “Steve Davies” [former Snooker Champion] sense of that word! The links are on the Bookmark Sharing Page, in the column to the right.

York Railway Museum

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Last weekend, Sunday 16th of August, my wife and I took some time out shopping in York, I also managed to persuade her that we could re-visit the Railway Museum! Not that I am a latent train spotter, or anything like that, but I like to keep abreast of any new additions or discover things I had previously overlooked. Of course now that the government has made such visits free the attendance figures are I’m sure much greater, so we braved the crowds swelling the various halls. However I think a fee would not be amiss, it might jolt them back into the real world, where you have to pay for your amusement. Yes I accept that there is always a case for allowing disadvantaged people to partake of such attractions at a discount, but really everything needs to have a value or they become abused. Just a token charge would go some way to making the place a commercial activity. Anyhow I digress this post was not a moan about the government, although that would be easy, but many others are setting it out chapter and verse on this appalling administration, this time next year we will be moaning about the other lot! You know the so-called, “Conservatives”. Will they do any better, not a chance!

New Interface Design

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

I rather like the ease with which you can add content using WordPress, however I was not happy with the standard interface design and although there are lots of templates which can be applied, I wanted the design to reflect that on my main Parlington Site. So I have now amended the template to my own design, which is close to the main site style.