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Ivy Cottage, Aberford

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Ivy Cottage, Cattle Lane, Aberford

A recent win on eBay of the photo-postcard, shown above, dated 1904 has been added to the Parlington history site, and contrasts this former Gascoigne property with the location today. It was sold in 1964 in the major auction in October that year; details of the auction were added in an earlier post: the-biggest-sell-off-of-aberford-that-ever-was.

A Weekend in Norfolk

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Rotunda in the Market Place Swaffham

After a tedius drive down the A1 and then across country on the A17 to Kings Lynn, bypassing Sleaford thankfully, and on along the A47, we arrived at our destination, Swaffham, a country market town in the heart of Norfolk. The small country town was a favoured meeting place in the eighteenth century, for visiting gentry, and the Rotunda shown above was the centre of their activities along with the nearby Meeting Rooms. My purpose in adding this short article is to mention the visits made to Holkham Hall and Sandringham House, during our short stay. Specifically there are lots of photographs of the grounds at the two venues, including the exterior of an elegant Ice House in the grounds near Holkham, and their own Triumphal Arch, not as imposing as the one at Parlington I might add, but in better shape. The photos are on my .Mac account here

Parlington, day to day observations on topical issues.

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Every day I meet people who are, to be frank, less than impressed by the state that the country is in. They readily blame our politicians and suggest that in previous times things were better! I don’t think we can make objective global comparisons between how things are today compared to how they might have been in say, “1908″, things are what they are; but we can look at some of the differences and contrast them. Clearly if you compared the availability of a bath or shower to a householder at the turn of the twentieth century versus the householder of the early twentyfirst century, it is pretty obvious that with the change in technology we are far better served by such things today!

If you could afford it then bathing was fun!

If you could afford it then bathing was fun! A picture of the bath at Lotherton Hall.

So I think it worthwhile to change the focus of this site to look at how things were, compared to how things are! The subjects I hope will provide a forum for discussing our changing world!