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Pictures Representing Mood

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Here is a very dark view of the tunnel on Parlington Lane, built between circa 1812-14. This artistic view at the east end, represents my dark mood when I heard of yet more scandal at the BBC. [Click on the picture for a larger version]

Another Tree, I Love

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

You just have to love trees… they sit quietly in the landscape, they don’t bother anyone, except perhaps our deciduous friends who shed their leaves in fall, as we are obliged to clear up after them, but it really is a small price to pay for the splendour they offer from Spring onwards.

The picture here is of a great cedar in the grounds of the now demolished Scarthingwell Hall, long may it reign, the tree that is!

Lost Painting of Parlington Update

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Sunday 24th October at Lotherton Hall, was the day that the watercolour, the subject of two earlier posts, was re-united with the Gascoignes, albeit to their legacy at Lotherton Hall. A small group of those involved in bringing the painting to its former home, and others with a general interest in the return of the painting gathered to see the gifting of ownership from the Clarke family to Lotherton, and therefore for the people of Leeds. The above is a quick shot of me (Looking decidedly serious, with furrowed brow) holding the picture in its original frame, wood but gold finished. Typical of the period, so I was informed by Dr Adam White the Curator at Lotherton. The watercolour will be restored in due course and I hope to get some better photos of it when it not behind glass.

Lost Painting of Parlington Hall

Sunday, October 17th, 2010

I wrote about a water colour painting of Parlington Hall which had been found in a skip, it features in an earlier post,
The picture above is of the painting; for over a year I have carefully steered a path towards having the picture recovered and returned to its rightful home, Lotherton Hall, where it will be displayed for the interest of the general public.

October Sunshine, Yorkshire

Sunday, October 10th, 2010

Beech Parlington Lane

Sunday was a day of work, as I had much to do, however after hours of toiling away I decided to take a break in the late afternoon sunshine, getting the benefits of a fine autumn day and stroll along Parlington Lane, Aberford, Yorkshire, armed with my E30 Olympus Camera with a 12-60mm Zuiko lens. The lens is terrific, good range, ideal for general purpose usage and very very fast auto focus that rarely lets you down. The header picture says it all for me, lots of light coming into the woodland at a low angle, giving some really expressive imagery. After the initial picture some time has been spent in Aperture and Photoshop making the photograph more expressive and surreal.

Glass Prints

Friday, May 21st, 2010

Scarthingwell Lake Sunrise

I stated some months ago about offering prints of my photographic work on a new site called Parlington Gallery at Initially the site was set up to display some local landscape paintings done by Anthony Christian who lives nearby, and to this date these are all that are on the site. I also suggested that a computer generated 3D model of the triumphal Arch was nearing completion; this has proved slightly problematic as the rendering side needs to be done in a series of tiles to make up the large image required for a paper print. The file sizes are in excess of 200MB so are quite unwieldily, and thus far the tiling keeps breaking down! So the print is on the blocks while the issue is resolved.

Local landmarks around Tewkesbury

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

The Nodding Gables, currently a Halifax Branch

Halifax Building, Tewkesbury

A weekend in the Cotswolds gave me the opportunity to do some local scenes, and where better than Tewkesbury in Gloucestershire, sadly Saturday’s weather was less than favourable, but by Sunday morning it had turned around and a walk around the old Abbey and along the streets full of old timbered buildings was delightful in the morning sunshine.

The Former “Ye Olde Hat Shoppe”

Ye Olde Hat Shoppe, Tewkesbury

Country Life Magazine

Friday, September 4th, 2009

A reader of the Country Life magazine sent a letter to the editor about a painting they had of Parlington, a water colour, I was later contacted and asked if I could supply a picture for the magazine for their response to the the reader. The picture below is of the item in the September 2nd 2009 edition. The reply was provided by a Mr Scott of Merseyside. I requested that the magazine publish my web site address to accompany the item, this they did as you can see in the image of the magazine page below.