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Former Almshouses (Great North Road :: A1)

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Former Gascoigne Almshouses

When travelling along the old Great North Road (A1) it is always worthwhile checking to see how the light is cast over the former Almshouses. I don’t suppose for one moment that the original inhabitants ever considered how the place looked in the face of the direction of the sunlight; but they must have been very pleased that the old place afforded them shelter in a less hospitable world than the one we live in today! Well the shot above benefits from the opportunity to catch the building almost carless, as well as the light creating sufficient detail across the main elevation without too many long shadows. The yellow car adds to the picture as it is a 1960-70′s Triumph Spitfire, with a bold black stripe over the centre of the car; very sporty!

Snowy Easter

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

The sudden arrival of three or four inches of snow prompted many people to get out their cameras this Easter, here are a few taken locally and a couple by a friend, who sent them by email.

Additional photos are available here: my dotmac account

The Triumphal Arch on the Parlington Estate
The former Almshouses
The gatehouse to the Almshouses.

Secret Writing

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

A friend in Aberford, Mark Jackson, has collected cards of local interest for some time and this one shown below has a coded message as set out below.


(Ap)I (ap)am s(ap)end(ap)ing th(ap)is
c(ap)ard s(ap)o y(ap)ou c(ap)an s(ap)ee
a(ap) b(ap)eaut(ap)if(ap)ul b(ap)uild(ap)ing
f(ap)or th(ap)e p(ap)oor
c(ap)it (ap)is j(ap)ust (ap)on th(ap)e (ap)oth(ap)er s(ap)ide
fr(ap)om m(ap)e
(ap)it (ap)acc(ap)omm(ap)od(ap)at(ap)es tw(ap)o b(ap)egg(ap)ers.
(ap)i h(ap)ope y(ap)ou w(ap)ill
kn(ap)ow wh(ap)at (ap)all th(ap)is (ap)is (ap)ab(ap)out
B(ap)est W(ap)ish(ap)es


I am sending this
card so you can see
a beautiful building
for the poor
it is just on the other side
from me
it accommodates two beggers.
i hope you will
know what all this is about
Best Wishes