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Caveat Emptor

Friday, January 25th, 2013


The image above is a screen shot of an eBay sale for a book about the long gone Aberford Railway. Sadly, and that’s why I say “caveat emptor” in my title to this post, it is not what it seems. Here is a description from the sale:

Liberty in the USA but not for the UK

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

triumphal arch
I am deeply enraged that the United States Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, a Mr Philip Gordon has the temerity to lecture us on our relationship with the EU. [BBC Radio Four, Today programme, this date.] Given the time honoured principle of democracy we have become accustomed to associate with the USA, and indeed the support goes way back, as we know from the Triumphal Arch the long standing monument to American Liberty on the Parlington Estate; shown above, [click on the photo to visit the associated history pages]. How he finds it useful to suggest that we the oppressed British people should continue and even embrace further integration into the would be upstart European Soviet Union, demonstrates that the special relationship is a one sided arrangement, with no real benefit to the UK. I feel it is useful here to insert the words of a fellow blogger, verbatim, as he sets out a truly honest appraisal of the opinion from the US assistant secretary, in an open letter as follows: