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Tutankhamun was not born in Swaffham!

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Swaffham Cemetery

Cemetery Swaffham

This may seem an odd post title, but during my visit to London last weekend, whilst on route to the V & A Museum in South Kensington, I noticed a sign in the tube network which gave dates of various luminaries from the past and their birth places. There was the name of Howard Carter [1874-1939] the Egyptologist, famous for discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun on the 26th of November 1922. His birthplace was stated as Swaffham, and having visited the place recently, I was unaware of this fact. [This link is to an earlier post about a visit to Swaffham] This reminded me of my own mini discovery a couple of years ago whilst cutting the grass, my foot slipped down a rabbit hole and I grated my ankle on a hard object which turned out to be the remains of a brick wall.

Panoramic Photos

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

manfrotto 303 sph

Manfrotto 303 SPH Panoramic Head

Over the last few years I have had many people ask me about producing panoramas of the various parts of the Parlington Estate, some to show on the Parlington history site other to offer for sale. I have decided to be more pro-active and take some of my photography to a new level and offer various items for sale. To this end I have invested in a Manfrotto Panoramic Head for producing multi row panoramas. These will be available on in the near future, generally in giclée print versions up to A2 size. I will also be adding some of my photos from other parts of the country in due course.

A Picture of the Marble Arch, London

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Marble Arch, the site of Tyburn

Marble Arch, London

During a weekend trip to London, for me it was important to make a visit to Marble Arch, one of many, to view again this edifice built in 1828 to a design by John Nash to form an entrance to Buckingham Palace. It was moved in 1851 to its present location, nearby the location of the then removed Tyburn Gallows.

The stone, Portland Limestone, is clearly much more durable and impressive than the stone used on the Triumphal Arch at Parlington. But it is significant that this arch which was like Parlington, modelled on the Constantine Arch adjacent to the Coliseum or Colosseum in Rome. One advantage that the arch in Parlington has, is the opportunity to photograph it without any people!

London a Country on its Own

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

London Eye at Night

The header picture is of the London Eye in the early evening of Friday 20th November 2009, A flight, as the promoters call it, is well worth it despite the expense!

A Moan about the mess we are in!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

A Retro View of the Triumphal Arch

A Retro View of the Triumphal Arch

There is much to be dismayed about in present day Great Britain [GB], many even feel that we should dispense with the term, ‘Great’ and just call the country the United Kingdom [UK], but is it a united kingdom, I think that’s debatable. Being more focused, the financial mess we are in as a nation is perhaps the most important issue to address at the moment. Little is really happening to ensure we don’t do this again. But to some extent we are all culpable, as we all take certain irregularities in our stride. For example the classic case of the plumber who can offer you a much better deal for cash, it is hard to resist a bill of £500.00 compared to £600.00 Plus VAT! This occurrs because the politicians have devised ever ingenious ways of taking our money, thus distorting the system.

Clamour of the Times

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Professor Philip Stott

A blog by Professor Philip Stott [Emeritus Professor of Biogeography, University of London], is always a refreshing read, recently however his usually productive output had slowed to less than a trickle, so how pleased to see he had started up again at The clamour of our times. If you want to read a realistic and huorous take on the daily political circus, drop by his site. Frankly you need a laugh these days, and Philip has a delightful ability to mix serious topics with excellent prose.

Out of the Blue

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Moody view of the Triumphal Arch

Moody view of the Triumphal Arch

Yesterday the post arrived and out of the blue was a large packet, with the words “Please Do Not Bend” emblazened across the top left corner. I had no idea what it could be as I was not expecting anything. So imagine my delight when I discovered that it contained a photograph from 1914 of Parlington being used as a hospital; a fact, hitherto unknown. I had often wondered what Parlington had been used for during the First World War, as numerous accounts had suggested that troops were here. However I had always taken it that the troops had camped in the area beside the driveway to the Triumphal Arch, and photographs verified this. The picture has now been added to the history site, here.

Parlington Talk at Lotherton Hall, Sequel

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Parlington Talk Intro Page

The talk that I give to Historical Societies and other interested groups is built with Apple Keynote, a great program for presentations, people often ask if I can let them know what software the talk is created with, sadly for most, using PC’s I have to explain that there is no version that runs on their computers. The responses I get, about what they think of PowerPoint, is amusing!

Talk at Lotherton Hall

Following the talk I gave at Lotherton, Adam White the Curator kindly sent a couple of photographs of the event. Whilst it wasn’t a huge gathering, the room was full, so it would have been a struggle to accommodate any more people!

Our Lack of Democracy in the UK!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

What’s on your mind? I’ll tell you what’s on my mind, after the debacle of the Lisbon treaty, and our inability to vote on the issue, due to the incumbent in Downing Street having no regard for democracy, despite making it a manifesto pledge at the last election, or for anyone but himself; or perhaps was he just afraid to put it to the country!

I suggest in the light of the Conservatives bottling out, that you, THE PEOPLE, should consider not voting at all for any of them at the General Election, so little regard have they (Our MP’s) for the people of this country. How else can we express our disgust at the endless crap we have to endure, expenses and all!

The Biggest Sell off …of Aberford that ever was!

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

1964 Auction Sale Catalogue Cover

On the 2nd of October 1964, The Parlington Estate and much of Aberford, along with a few properties in Saxton were put under the auctioneers hammer! This is a list of the property on offer.

The Auction Properties

  • Lot 1 Superb site for residence of character (Parlington Hall site)
  • Lot 2 Gardens House (Principal source for fruit and vegetables from the walled gardens since the late 18th century)
  • 7 Highly productive arable and stock farms (let and producing £5,746.00 [£87,250 at todays rates, 2009, based on the retail price index] per annum) lots 3-9.