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October 7th, 2013

The use of this site to provide information on Parlington and general postings is now retired as it is easier to put information on Facebook, here: Parlington Facebook Page
I’ve decided to re-open the blog (November 2014)

BBC Bias and the Late Lady Thatcher

April 8th, 2013

BBC Web Site Picture

Here is a picture used by the BBC on the occasion of the sad death at 87 of a great British Leader of the twentieth century, Baroness Thatcher.

The Commentator Web Site Picture

Then look at a picture used on another web site, The Commentator which announced the news of the death of Lady Thatcher.

The first photograph of Lady Thatcher was apparently taken on or about the time of her last birthday, at 87 some months ago, not the most flattering image, almost certainly chosen to mimic the style of Fluck and Law’s, Spitting Image portrayal of her in the 80′s. A tacit sign of contempt by the luvvies at the not so nice BBC.

More on HS2

March 16th, 2013

I was both saddened and annoyed by the HS2 release, and I wrote an earlier blog on the issue. The fact is that the potential savings in journey time are a sick joke. How a 30 minute saving per person between London and Leeds can justify such a huge cost is staggering. I am reminded of the idiocy of the guided bus system which runs down sections of the York Road in Leeds. Here in a nutshell is how that works. Point one, add extra guide wheels to buses = extra cost. Point two, build a central roadway with a fabricated raised curb to guide the bus = hideous extra cost! Point three, provide additional passenger entry/exit points in the newly created central reservation = extra cost. Finally create massive interruption whilst undertaking the project = extra cost. All this could have been achieved by simply surfacing the full width of the road and painting suitable coloured lines to indicate the bus only lane down the centre. Minimum interruption and cost, any bus could have used the lane, not just suitably equipped vehicles; but no, like all these schemes, they, because it is not their money have no trouble throwing it away like it grew on trees! HS2 will be the same. Any way the idea of an eighteenth century technology “rail” guided motive transport is so stupid in the present age it beggars belief.

EU Waste

February 15th, 2013

Yet another indictment of the dreadful waste in the European Union, and we just sit around and take it! Do not forget to factor in these horror stories when if the promised referendum takes place.

If you find the revelations about the horse meat scandal alarming, you may not realise it is another example of the failings of the EU, read the very informative posts by Richard North at EU Referendum for a detailed analysis of the mess.


February 4th, 2013

Huhne Ex-Minister... Horray!Image file courtesy of Wikipedia

I wrote about the ‘orrible hewn last year following his adamant rejection of his alleged crime, well he’s finally done the right thing! What does it take with these people, are they so arrogant that they plough on regardless, believing themselves bullet proof, until the last moment before the Judge in court. Any self respecting and honest person would have cried, “game up” once his little wheeze had been uncovered. Also whereas to most losing your driving license is a very daunting prospect, his role as an MP would have seen him happily ferried about without a care in the world… we would not have seen him on a bus, oh my, not a bus, not public transport!


February 1st, 2013


Before I had chance to see the close details of the route of the proposed High Speed Two railway, having only a layout superimposed over an ordnance map I penned the following to my readers on the Parlington History site.

Fresh from the announcement by our ludicrous Government about the way they intend to waste a further £30+ Billion (£30,000,000,000) of our hard earned money, albeit over the next many years; so we can safely assume the figure will be considerably larger, on the High Speed Railway to Leeds and Church Fenton in Yorkshire. I thought it worth while looking at the route in this “neck of the woods.” To my surprise it appears to follow the line of the M1 extension south of Junction 46 heading north and then turning to the east passing by Junction 47 then south of Lotherton Hall and across to Church Fenton.

Caveat Emptor

January 25th, 2013


The image above is a screen shot of an eBay sale for a book about the long gone Aberford Railway. Sadly, and that’s why I say “caveat emptor” in my title to this post, it is not what it seems. Here is a description from the sale:

Liberty in the USA but not for the UK

January 10th, 2013

triumphal arch
I am deeply enraged that the United States Assistant Secretary for European Affairs, a Mr Philip Gordon has the temerity to lecture us on our relationship with the EU. [BBC Radio Four, Today programme, this date.] Given the time honoured principle of democracy we have become accustomed to associate with the USA, and indeed the support goes way back, as we know from the Triumphal Arch the long standing monument to American Liberty on the Parlington Estate; shown above, [click on the photo to visit the associated history pages]. How he finds it useful to suggest that we the oppressed British people should continue and even embrace further integration into the would be upstart European Soviet Union, demonstrates that the special relationship is a one sided arrangement, with no real benefit to the UK. I feel it is useful here to insert the words of a fellow blogger, verbatim, as he sets out a truly honest appraisal of the opinion from the US assistant secretary, in an open letter as follows:

Boxing Day Hunt

December 26th, 2012


Given the mild weather over Christmas it was a good fine occasion for the Boxing Day Hunt at Parlington, the above shot was taken as the riders were passing along Parlington Lane, to the west of the Dark Arch. There were no incidents, in fact a farmer friend of mine could not recall the hunt ever having made a kill, I do recall a few years ago a fleet footed specimen tearing across the old deer park near to a small clump of chestnut trees.

More on the Bias of the BBC

November 27th, 2012

I wrote recently, not expecting any landslide of rubbled response, but in order to add my observations to the many in the bloggesphere at the disgraceful manner in which the BBC deliberately sides with leftist agendas, in almost all the serious reporting that it outputs. My earlier post titled: “Pictures Representing Mood” set out the blatant abuse by the BBC of its charter obligations in respect of its reporting and commenting on all matters associated with the Earth’s climate, and in particular the shoddy treatment of a lone blogger, Tony Newbury, who had attempted to obtain information about a meeting held by the BBC to set future policy on its climate reporting. After much time, over 5 years, and a great deal of taxpayers money, the outrageous “Auntie”, aided by some heavyweight lawyers, avoided the freedom of information request to reveal the attendees of the aforesaid meeting. A pyrrhic victory indeed as soon after the judge had found in favour of the monster broadcaster an intrepid blogger called Maurizio Morobito or omnologos to use his handle revealed that the agenda had been posted years before by a partner in the meeting, the ITB, thanks to the Way Back Web Archive.

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